Month: December 2016

Eating Korean without Traveling to Asia

My wife and I decided we’d like to experience Korea without flying nearly ½ day to actually visit. An Asian friend (she happens to be Chinese) clued us into a fantastic “Little Korea” area of Dallas that is not well known but certainly will be soon. You can be one of the first non-Asians to discover it.

Little Korea is fascinating. There you will find many Korean bar-b-que restaurants. We decided to head for one of the newest, Gen, a concept out of California whose first store opened in this area in October after a long opening delay. The wait was worth it. If there is a Little Korea in your city, I’m sure it’s very similar.


Hard to See Through Polluted India

At the Taj Mahal

Cows, pigs, monkeys and goats forage through mounds of trash strewn in the streets. Shantytown dwellings dot the sides of the roads amid scattered mansions and a small number of very fancy monuments. You are in rural India, and the description also applies to large parts of urban India. To top it off, the air quality is poor. My plane landed after dark in Dehli, a city with one of the world’s worst pollution problems. The air was laden with a thick smoke that mixed incongruously with the aroma of pungent spices from nearby street food stalls. I could not breathe. Some locals wore breathing masks. I resorted to breathing through my handkerchief until I could get a mask the next day.



Visiting India without Money


On Nov. 8 the government of India announced that its two most popular currency denominations, the 500 and 1000 rupee notes, would no longer be good as money effective at midnight. An exchange program to convert them to new rupee notes of the same amount at the bank was announced.

I had a trip to India already planned and was on a plane headed that way when the currency move was announced.

The effect of the currency ban was that no one in India would exchange money for U.S. dollars —because they did not have money to exchange — and locals mobbed banks, forming lines blocks long to turn in their old money for new bills. Many lines had to be supervised by police. (more…)