Month: November 2015

Timeshare Scam


Timeshare hotels have lots of pools for family fun

It wasn’t so long ago that there was no Internet. Today the Internet has made an old concept — that of timeshares — obsolete. Don’t fall for the sophisticated sales pitches to “own” your vacation when you stay at a resort.

Timeshares are usually associated with vacation resort destinations. You can own a specific annual week at the resort. Buyers are told that this way they get to “own” their vacation at their favorite spot for life. You lock in today’s price, and the seller will loan you the money. The timeshare will have an annual maintenance fee, which typically will increase over time and never ends, even after you’ve paid off the loan.

Many resort properties degrade in quality over time, especially after all the weeks are sold. But because you own your week there, you can’t move it someplace else.


Butterflies Aflutter

Sleeping moths     Is it a bat? No, it’s a gigantic moth.

To get in the proper mood for the weekend, watching butterflies works wonders. That’s where Texas Discovery Gardens (TDG) in Dallas and its butterfly house come in handy. I’ve seen butterfly exhibits all over the world, but this is one of the best.

In addition to its butterfly exhibit, TDG at Dallas’ Fair Park, inside the Texas State Fairgrounds but open year round, has manicured gardens (not well-kept), snake and insect exhibits, as well as excellent facilities for special occasions like weddings. The Gardens focus on 100 percent organic gardening in a 7.5-acre site, focusing on sustainable methods that conserve water and promote the environment.



Secluded and Spiritual Beach in Alabama


Beautiful beaches are aplenty on the Alabama coast.

From my postings, I know it seems like I am frequently at the beach. Actually, I don’t even like ocean swimming. I do love the sound of the pounding waves, the beautiful people and sunsets, and the warm sun. To me, “seen one beach, seen them all.”

So I was understandably surprised when I stumbled upon the nicest beach I’ve experienced near Mobile, Ala., of all places. At the Gulf, the coast of Alabama is a sliver compared to the adjacent Florida coastline. In fact, the Alabama communities of Gulf Shores, Orange Beach and Perdido Beach run right into adjacent Florida beaches starting at Perdido Key. As you cross the Alabama/Florida state line at the honky tonk Florbama Bar — where the free bingo with prizes is meant to encourage you to eat and drink the mostly fried and unhealthy staples of the Alabama diet along with Gulf oysters, beer and liquor — you barely know you have left one state and entered another.