Month: February 2015


I keep getting advertisements to paradise.  These are usually places with thatched roofs on the water.  I’ve been to some of these places.  Many of these places do not have electricity–they’re too remote.

Some don’t even have plumbing.  One place I visited had a toilet at a remote point on the island over the sea.  You could flush into the ocean.

Yes, it was remote.  It looked like paradise.  But you have to balance remoteness and the conveniences that are important to you.

If you’re a camper, you’d probably feel right at home at this place, sleeping on the bamboo floor on a thin mattress or blow up bed.

That’s the thing about paradise.  You want it to be unspoiled.  You want a place where there are few other people to disturb you.  BUT, you still want your wifi so you can stay somewhat connected.  Is this a contradiction, or what?

So you have to decide–how much paradise do I really want?  I’ll settle for a few amenities to make my stay a little more comfortable.  I don’t need a hairdryer.  But a flushing toilet is usually a good thing.  And even so, it may not come with soap or toilet paper.

My next trip will be to a somewhat remote place.  The reviews online say it is very remote.  No cell phone service.  I think it has toilets and electricity.  I think it even has wifi at times.  Still, I need to be prepared.

I’ll be reporting to you soon about the experience.  Is paradise all it’s cracked up to be?  What will I miss that paradise doesn’t afford to me?

When I go to a place that bills itself as paradise, I don’t forget–bring toilet paper.


Next Panama trip

We’re planning the next Panama trip to be in February 2016, at the end of the dry season.  They’ll still probably be some rain, but it should be limited.

We’ll be going to many different places from prior trips. We’ll see the Canal and surrounding jungle, of course, from a new vantage point.  Plans are to go to the fabulous Isla Perlas for a beach day.  We’ll also have an optional trip to Chiriqui Province–the mountains and the beach–in the Western part of Panama infrequently visited by tourists but favored by ex-pats for its milder climate.

Let me know if you want more information.